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 About Our Crest 
The Noah W. Lewis & Associates Agency Crest was first introduced in January, 2012. We approached the design of our crest with same passion and uncompromising attention to detail we bring to all of our engagements. As such, each element of our agency crest was carefully selected for both its aesthetic and symbolic qualities. Below is a brief explanation of the significance of each our crest’s major components.
The color Blue: For centuries the color blue has been viewed as a symbol of trustworthiness, dependability and commitment. The color of both the sky and the ocean, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. Blue is also overwhelmingly most people’s "favorite color," including our company’s namesake.
The color Maroon: We adopted the meaning for this color from traditions dating back more than 25 centuries. In Celtic symbolism the color maroon signifies “patients in battle, yet victorious.” It’s representation of perseverance, tenacity, and ultimate triumph moved us to select maroon as one of the main colors of our crest.
The Fleur-de-lis: The Fleur-de-lis (literally translated from French as "flower of the lily”) has been an “unofficial” symbol of France for centuries. Likewise, the fleur-de-lis has been recognized as a symbol of New Orleans, Louisiana for many decades. It can be seen in much of the city’s art, architecture and even appears on the uniforms of the New Orleans Saints. The inclusion of the fleur-de-lis on our crest symbolizes our deep connection with the City of New Orleans. Our agency crest is adorned with two fleurs-de-lis to reflect the two generations working in the agency at the time of the crest’s design – Noah W., a 40+ year resident of the city, and Noah-Jason who was born and raised in New Orleans.
The Knight’s Helmet: The knight’s helmet has long been a symbol of valor with near universal recognition. When depicted above a shield, the knight’s helmet denotes “wisdom and security in defense.” Because knights were seen by many as the embodiment of honor and nobility, the knight’s helmet also symbolizes integrity and reliability; characteristics we are committed to displaying day in and day out.
The Eagle: The eagle holds special meaning in many cultures around the world. Today the eagle is one of the most widely recognized symbols of America and freedom. However, for many centuries eagles have represented admirable characteristics such as strength, bravery, alertness, and leadership. Traditionally, if an eagle is shown with its wings "displayed," as it is on our crest, it also signifies protection. To us this is emblematic of the protection we afford our clients through the insurance services we provide.
The Elephant: The elephant is a widely recognized symbol of great strength. When displayed on a crest the elephant is also representative of wit, longevity, happiness, good luck, and ambition. Not to be overlooked is the old adage “an elephant never forgets” which we interpret as learning from past experiences and drawing on that knowledge to overcome current and future challenges. 
The Agency Moto: “Esse quam videri” is a Latin phrase meaning "To be, rather than to seem.” The phrase’s actual origin is unknown though many credit the Roman philosopher, statesman and lawyer Marcus Tullius Cicero with its first use in a widely known work. We chose this phrase as our motto because of its profound meaning and timeless simplicity. Our agency is dedicated delivering the highest level of service to our clients and working diligently on their behalf. We believe it is unacceptable to merely “seem” to have our customers’ best interest in mind. We are committed to truly “being” client focused by putting our customers first each and every day.
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